Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tethered to warmth

On a cold as tile day, in the great gray windy Quimper Peninsula all set about with cedar trees a person is as likely to voyage out as a prisoner is to stride home.  What were my adventures today? Oft through the internet I am afraid, off to see the Colbert, under the sea to watch a brinicle, messages from Facemail.  Nursing a new cold, and a hangover from public speaking last night, I at last venture out with my faithful multi-breed dog, to get a latte, to talk with friends at the co-op.  One can never just say Hi at the Co-op.  Barkeley the dog and I (finally! he thinks) walk around the beautiful setting of Kah Tai lagoon, tall cottonwoods and leafless rose brambles.  Ducks paddle away from the shore and young people  hunker into darkening bench spots.  Sunset in winter, too cold to linger, highlight of my day.