Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Off to Ireland

Here I hope to track the many exciting elements of our trip to Ireland from June 2nd until July 5th.  I am already completely packed as that gives my brain a huge relief from the weight of the load of lists that are in my head.   Now I just ready the house, and get around to things I have procrastinated about in the last four months.  I am quite emotional about the upcoming trip as I feel it is a huge processor of family for some reason.  I am giving it more import than it may deserve or I should probably assign it.  Will I feel the magic of Ireland or come away relieved that my ancestors escaped the rocky living that they had in the mid-nineteenth century?

Whenever I go on a trip I get more wistful for my home.  I will miss the ripening of our figs, and the bloom and fade of blowzy peonies.  I can't even bring myself to make a vase of my garden's current flowers because they will die and rot after we leave.  A measure of time that —do you have time enough to wait for rot or will you throw away flowers in full? I live in a beautiful place.  No matter where I am.